Sunday, September 23, 2012

Bobbing 4 Apples

Hi Everyone! Come and Bob for Apples with use! Pick only one Designer and buy 3 kits. If you find a Apple in that kit! you will get a extra free gift!  You have to Download the Designers Kit information for there Contact information to get your freebie gift. When you Buy the three Kits you email to the Designer you bought from and send a copy of your invoice to that Designer. Then the Designer will send you there free gift! So stop by the store and get a chance to receive there Gifts! So far here are the 2 Designer's Playing the Bobbing for Apples!

If you Spend more then $5.00 I will send you this Kit

This will be a Freebie on the Store front HERE!

So Be on the Look out for the details and also HERE!


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