Thursday, April 3, 2014

CT Mystical Scraps - Tagger Kit Spring Into Easter - By P4DSDesignz

~ CT Tagger for Mystical Scraps ~
Tag using the beautiful PTU Tagger Kit: Spring Into Easter - By P4DSDesignz

Tube Darlene By Verymany

Tag By Lucia S.P.

Thank so much Lucia. You can find here Blog HERE!

Here is the Blog that Lucia wrote for a tag using this kit. Another Awesome!!! Tag.
 Love it Lucia :D  

This tutorial was made by Lucia SP for personal use and to help a little with all those interested in making tags.
From closer so I request you not copy, distribute or take my tutorials to other sites are already fully and / or partially, either by any means. All carry my touch, essence, love and time. Please if you want someone else finds out this Tutorial let them get the link to my blog, it is important to respect and protect us from ourselves.
You have my vote of confidence and my sincere gratitude for being here to support what I do and respect my attentive and respectful call.
Any questions, clarifications, comments and / or suggestions will be well received in my email:
So I also love to get in my mail the results of your practice tutorial, of course if it's your desire to share them with me!

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  1. Ohhhh thank You sweetie! Your scrap kit is beautiful and I loved working with him! ♥


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