Thursday, June 12, 2014

Honored Scraps Special Collaboration Kit

Special Collaboration Kit is coming soon! You got to grab this awesome Kits. It is in Honor of a very special Lady most of you all know and Love...Honored Scraps known as Patty Breyer! Please stop by and grab the kit. It is for a good cause to help a Special Fellow Designer and a friend who needs our help. Watch here for the great CU Kits from several Awesome Designer's who took a little out of there time to create a contribute to this kit. Just Click on the Preview of the Collaboration Preview to take you to the link of the kit.

♥ License I Hold ♥

 photo 21c25f7e-dba9-4ca5-865c-cd9846fe5127.png  photo 1e4a1adb-5627-4d79-af10-db0fac71cc75.jpg  photo P4DSDesignzKDCU4CULicense_small.png  photo p4dsd_EireneLicenses.jpg  photo 2c654202-0c7e-4d46-a4c7-86e4841f3126.jpg  photo bcf8433f-74c8-47a7-895f-a30b6aa6ac4f.png